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Mission & Vision

Mother Land Nepal's mission is to provide comprehensive social, educational, medical and housing services to combat social problems such as substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and homelessness for senior citizen.

Our Vision is put into action through programs and focus on social, medical and housing services to benefit senior citizen, and a commitment to feel self-worth and dignity.


To provide behavior and psychosocial skills training to enhance personal, moral and social responsibility
To improve quality of file
To Develop social and interpersonal skills to promote personal and social productivity


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Motherland Nepal

Nepal along with geographical diversity of land elevation ranges from 60 meter above sea level to 8,848 meter (Mount Everest,the highest peak of the world), 125 cast/ethnic group of Nepal speaks123 different languages including official language, Nepali. Likewise, practiced religion also diversified in Nepal; there are 81.3% Hindu,9% Buddhists, 4.4% Muslims, 1.4% Christians and 3.3% others.

As from the people of cultural diversification, about 6ooo to 8000 people living Bay Area critically need of Grief Center to practice our cultural and religious norms and values. The grief center is basically focused on the center for the family and relatives whose family member is passed away. In Hindu culture, the death body is cremated with the presence of the priest, family member of the dead person have to stay in grief for thirteen days. During this period sons of the demised person need to bald his head, can wear only a piece of white cloth, can have only one meal without salt per day for thirteen days, the person in grief can't touch any one outsiders.
During the project period, we aim to provide educational facilities to at least 150 neediest among the needy children of the remotest part of Nepal specially Mid and Far Western Region of Nepal. The facilities include which is not limited to stationeries, clothing, hygiene material and home condition improvement support materials.
During the project period, conduct awareness campaign to promote Nepali culture and tradition among the Nepali and non Nepali people of USA. The campaign can be conducted inside the state or outside the state in collaboration and cooperation with other organization.


Decoding the Unusual Shape of the Nepali Flag

“Nobody knows who exactly created it,” says Anil Pandey, the founder of the nonprofit Motherland Nepal.
The history of the flag of Nepal is maddeningly vague.
A reproduction of the flag in a French book from 1928 shows a very similar flag to what’s used today,
except with a green border rather than blue and faces on both the sun and moon. Shortly after that,
the color was changed to blue; by the time of the country’s constitution, in 1962, t
he flag’s colors were firmly red, white, and blue. It’s unclear how or why this change happened.
The Nepali flag is currently red with a dark blue border,
in the shape of two pennants.
The pennants are not the same size (the upper one is smaller) and they overlap in the middle.
The upper triangle includes a white stylized moon;
the lower has a white sun.



press release

अमेरिकाको क्यालिफोर्नियामा पृथ्वी जयन्ती मनाउने तयारी 
अमेरिकाको क्यालिफोर्नियामा नेपालका राष्ट्र निर्माता पृथ्वी नारायण शाह को २९६ औँ जन्म जयन्तिको उपलक्षमा पृथ्वी जयन्ती तथा राष्ट्रिय एक्ता दिवस मनाउन एक मूल समारोह समिती को गठन भएको छ। युवा समाजसेवी प्रिन्स युवराज कार्की उक्त कार्यक्रमको सँयोजक रहेको र सो मूल समारोह समितिमा सामाजिक अगुवाहरु अनिल पाण्डे ,उत्तम क़ार्कि,चन्द्र धिताल, यज्ञ प्रसाद नेपाल तथा मणी नेपाली पनेरु रहनु भएको छ। वीर पुर्खाहरुको सम्मान गरौँ भन्ने नाराका साथ सम्पन्न हुन लागेको सो कार्यक्रम मदरल्यान्ड नेपाल, (www.mottherlandnepal.org )पश्चिम अमेरिका नेपाली महासंघ (WANA), नेपाल विश्व सहयोग संघ (NAGC) तथा लायन्स क्लब अफ सान लियान्ड्रो मनकामना प्रमुख आयोजक रहेका छन भने उत्तर क्यालिफोर्नियाका बिभिन्न संघ संस्थाहरु को सहभागीता रहेको छ।

बिभिन्न कार्यक्रमका साथ मनाइने सो समारोह समितिका सँयोजक प्रिन्स युवराज कार्किले कार्यक्रम भव्य र सभ्य हुने विश्वास व्यक्त गर्दै सम्पूर्णलाई सकृय सहभागीताको आव्हान गर्नु भयो। समाजसेवी धितालले राष्ट्र निर्माता भनेको कुनै बर्ग वा दल बिशेषको पेवा नभई सबैको साझा पिता भएकोले सबैले सम्मान गर्न पर्ने बताउनु भयो। आयोजकहरुले कार्यक्रमहरुको तयारी पूरा भईसकेको र सो कार्यक्रमलाई अझ सहभागीता मूलक र प्रतिनिधि मुलक बनाउन गृहकार्य भईरहेको वताउनु भएको छ। देशको राष्ट्रियतामा आँच आईरहेको बेला पृथ्वी जयन्ती तथा राष्ट्रिय एकता दिवस समय सान्दर्भिक र प्रसँसनी भएको पर्यवेक्षकहरुले टिप्पणी गरे ।
मिती: शनीवार जनवरी १२, २०१९ समय: अपरान्ह ५ बजे

Music Team

Drummer/ vocalist-Dawa Finjo Sherpa Lead Guitarist-Samuel Koirala Bassist-Om Bikram Joshi Rhythm guitarist-Roshan Shrestha Vocalist-Sudeep KC ,Rakesh lama,Bibek Basnet

Increased market of Nepali movie in foreign countries www.momnepal.us

A section of society always criticizes about the quality of Nepali movie while another is quite respectful to Nepali movie, artist and its presentation. The second type of audience are fond of Nepali movie wherever they go or reside. Even in many cases, the revenue collection is higher in foreign countries compared in Nepal, ensuring the considerable profit thanks to audience abroad. A recent show of Chi Musi Chi held in Thailand also proves the increased trend of market for Nepali movie abroad.

Up Coming Fund Raising Events to Support Flood Victims Family in Nepal.

Two years ago, when the devastating earthquake hit our country, Mother Land Nepal took a rescue team and helped the victims of the disaster for more than a month. http://abc7news.com/…/nepal-receives-earthquake-aid…/718028/ Yet again, this year we have been hit by a flood that has effected 26 districts. There are more houses damaged this time than it did during the earthquake. Again, Mother Land team tried its best to help during the first stage rescue. When we were in Saptari district, we had a first hand experience with chaos the flood has left behind. We have promised to build houses for the people who not only got their houses whipped away by the flood, but also had lost lives of their dear ones. https://www.motherlandnepal.org/flood_victim_in_nepal.php Read More

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Cultural Center

Hold free Memory Improvement Seminar by Apran Sharma Kattel will be arriving here in difrent parts of U.S. Starting from 15th july from bay area (san franciso) till August 15th 2017. 
Mr. Sharma is a sharp-minded Nepalese youth who claimed the Guinness Book of World Records title in 'Longest Colour Sequence Memorized', and 'Longest Sequence of Objects Memorized in One Minute'. He is a National Youth Award Winner. He was awarded with the National Youth Award by Youth and Sports Ministry, Nepal Government for his exceptional talent. He has given many inspiring seminars, conference and presentations throughout the country. Readmore



समाजसेवी अनिल पाण्डेको सामुदायिक भवन निर्माणको लागि फरक विचार सहितको सुझाब


दैनिक अन्तरवार्ता, ताजा ताजा समाचार, सत्यतथ्य घटनाको पर्दाफास, रोचक, चाखलाग्दो कुराकानिहरु भिडियो कथा, मनोरञ्जनपुर्ण भिडियो, विभिन्न ठाउँमा आयोजना भएका स्टेज...


With the aim of cultural promotion, we will conduct cultural exchange program for the high school students with the cooperation and coordination with Education Board of Nepal and USA. In this program