Our Ongoing Charities Report

Motherland Charities.

23. On February 13 2010, our grand 5th anniversary was celebrated with various cultural programs. King of comedy Mr. Manoj Gajurel wa invited from Nepal, specially for the ceremony .In this ceremony social workers from the Bay Area who contributed to Nepali community were felicitated. Mayor of Alameda City was invited in the program. It was participate by more than 2000 people

24. On March 10 2010,A cultural program was jointly organized with BCC.This event took place in Sanfrancisco City. 25. On June 15 2010, an interaction program was organized by MotherlandNepal with the visiting retired Commander in Chief of Nepal, Mr.Rukmangat Katwal. 26. On July 7 2010, blood drive campaign was organized by MotherlandNepal and Creative Media in Kathmandu as there was acute shortage of blood in Nepal.

27. On December 15, a meeting was held with Gina Bank in the office of Senator Diana Feinstein. This meeting was about the establishment of a Nepali Community Center in the Bay Area.

28.On February 2011.MotherlandNepal send donation amount of $2200 to build a school for the minority Santhal tribe in the South Eastern Nepal. 22.Feb-2011 [ NANC ]

|Respected Community leaders, brothers and sisters,
Ms. Shailee Basnet, a team member of Everest Women Seven Summits Eco-Action, during a program held at Himalayan Flavors Restaurant, Berkeley on February 22,

February 4,2004. Donation of Rs. 72,572 was provided to the family of Journalist Gyanendra Khadka, who was killed by Maoist insurgents, at Sindhu Palchowk, Kavre, Nepal. On August 27,2004.Donation of 25,000 Rs was provided to the family of journalist Dikendra Thapa who was killed by Maoist, at Dailekh, Nepal. On February 14, 2005.Donation of 10,000 Rupees, was provided to Ram Pradhan,a porter, who was in hospital with both legs broken in an traffic accident, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

On On November 11,2006 a) Live concert of the most popular singer of Nepal Mr. Nabin K.Bhattarai,was organized by Motherland Nepal. Venue Laney College auditorium in Oakland. The fund raised from this programme will go to charity deeds.

b) A certificate award programme was included in it . Certificates of appreciation was awarded by President Anil Pandey to various socialworkers and artists of Bay area.

c) A tribute to: Uttam Rai was paid , who passed away on 8th November.A charity fund of $743 was instantly raised there,for his last rituals23 5th Anniversary of MotherlandNepal was celebrated on 13th February 2010.Which was held at Alameda. The comedy king of Nepal Mr.Manoj Gajurel was invited for the ceremony.

24. A cultural program Ramailo Sanjh was organized jointly with Bhutanese Organization (BACC).Which was staged at Hilton hotel, Sanfrancisco.

25. An interaction program was organized on 15th June 2010, with Retired. General Mr.Rukmangat Katwal,at Om Mandala House, Sanfrancisco.