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Assistant Head Teacher
Annapurna Higher Secondary School
Parbatipur, Chitwan
Cell phone: +977 9855060295


Date of Birth: 2052/11/26 BS (March 09, 1996) 
Grade: 9 Section: B Roll No. 20
Address: Parbatipur - 7, Chitwan
Father: Dilli Ram Subedi (41)
Mother: Hari Devi Subedi (39)
Family members: 6 (Father, Mother, Elder sister-1, He, Younger brother-1, younger sister-1)
Land: no land

Bipin Subedi is a disciplined boy of 16 years. All the teachers like this boy because of his honest behaviour. Because of the appalling condition of his family, his dream to acquire higher education seems to be dwindling. His father has left the family two years ago and living or wandering alone, for he is a drunk. His mother is a victim of chronic rheumatism and now physically disabled. One of her legs and both hands are partially useless. Since they don't belong any home and land, they are taking shelter in a house of their relatives. His younger brother is studying in grade - 5 and younger sister in grade - 1. His eldest sister is staying with their aunt and she is supporting her to further her education.

Date of Birth: 2049/04/14 BS (July 29, 1992) 
Grade: 9 Section: A Roll No. 16
Address: Parbatipur - 7, Chitwan
Father: Krishna Bahadur B.K. (52)
Mother: Nir Maya B.K. (50)
Family members: 4 (Grand mother, Father, Mother, She)
Land: 1 kattha

Bimala B.K. is a labourious girl of 20 from a poor family, previously the landless family, later on the government provided them a small land where her parents has built a small hut where they are living now. She is from a working class family. Her parents have to get engaged on daily wages that is the main source of their survival. Her parents have brought up four daughters and one son. Among them three elder sisters have been got married and living at their own home. Her elder brother is also living separately with his wife. Now her parents are supporting her and her grandmother (75) from their daily wages. In fact her parents are in difficulty to support her to further her education. She also often involve in labourer-job to collect some money for her education and clothes.

Date of Birth: 2054/03/13 BS (June 27, 1997) 
Grade: 9 Section: A Roll No. 12
Address: Parbatipur - 5, Chitwan
Father: Yogendra Ramdam (46)
Mother: Shakuntala Ramdam (46)
Family members: 4 (Father, Mother, His elder sister and He)
Land: No land

Abhishek Ramdam is a social, well mannered boy of 15 living in a small hut with his parents and an elder sister who is studying in grade-10. Since they have no land they are living in a rented house for which they have to pay NRs. 1,000 per month. Their father is a novice mason, and get daily wages job on some of the days in the month, which is irregular and hence their source of income is also not regular. The family survives on this irregular earning and the two children also depend on it for their education, which has become a problem for the family to move ahead. The teachers often recommend both sister and brother as a disciplined student of their class. They really show the eagerness to acquire the education from school.


Date of Birth: 2053/08/01 BS (Nov.16, 1996) 
Grade: 9 Section: A Roll No. 36
Address: Parbatipur - 7, Chitwan
Father: Madhav Prasad Adhikari (60)
Mother: late -
Family members: 5 (Father, Her elder sisters-2, She and Her younger sister -1)
Land: 7 katthas

Mina Adhikari, a girl of 16, is living with his 60 years old father. It is her bad luck that this year her mother died and she lost her mother's warm affection for ever. She is one of the 6 siblings (sisters). In the hope of a son, her parents gave birth to 6 daughters and her mother lost her health and finally life. Her father is now old and can't work hard, however he is the key person to earn for the family. The land they have does not yield as much as the family needs. Among the 6 siblings, 2 sisters have been got married. One elder sister is staying with her aunt. Her one elder sister is studying in grade 10 and one younger sister in grade 7. Her father is in serious problem to provide sufficient food for the family for the whole year, let alone to provide them the expenses for their education.


Date of Birth: 2052/01/22 BS (May 05, 1995) 
Grade: 9 Section: A Roll No. 21
Address: Parbatipur - 6, Chitwan
Father: Bhoj Raj Nepal (50)
Mother: Durga Nepal (35)
Family members: 4 (Father, Mother, Her elder brother and She)
Land: 1.5 katthas

Binda Nepal from a poor farmer's family is an enthusiastic girl of 16. Her eye-sight is poor, however, the teachers always find her interested in study. She lives with her parents and elder brother in a small hut. Since they don't have much land, they depend on their father's irregular source of income for their basic needs - food, clothing and shelter as well as for the expenses of their education. Their father who is the only person who has to work hard for all family members is now almost getting old, but the family expenses have been increasing day by day as the children have grown up and they need more money for their education and basic needs. Her father is an unskilled farmer who has kept a cow for selling milk. He bought that cow from the loan amount that he got from the local diary product co-operative organization.