Motherland Nepal December 28, 2011 Proposal for Motherland Nepal Community Outreach Media Services


Motherland Nepal is a California licensed non-profit based in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, dedicated to facilitate the integration of Nepali refugees and immigrants, as well as enhancing social and cultural ties between Nepalese Americans and other microcosms of American culture.

* Our goal is to improve our online content and create a web-series of educational videos aimed at teaching valuable English skills to our Nepali, Bhutanese, and Tibetan viewers.

* Our goal of upgrading the accessibility of our website will take two months, and our production of the web-series will be ongoing.

* Our total anticipated budget for this project is $6500. This is the amount of our grant request.


Motherland Nepal was established in 2002. Motherland Nepal became a 501 © (3) non-profit organization in 2015. Motherland in response to the need for a central community resource for Nepalese, Bhutanese, and Tibetan peoples in America. Nepal is based in the East Bay Area of San Francisco. Nepalese began to migrate about 25 years ago. Consequently, knowledge of Nepalese history is relatively new to the U’S. population. At this time, there are about 20,000 American Nepalese. Since the people of the countries of Bhutan and Tibet share the language, customs, and traditions of Nepalese, we include them in that number.

Our organization is dedicated to enhance the social and cultural ties between Nepalese Americans, and other microcosms of American culture, and to facilitate the integration of Nepali refugees and immigrants to American life and customs. Currently, our principle goal is to establish a Nepalese culture center. Since its inception, Motherland Nepal has sponsored numerous heritage meetings, and cultural events. A few examples illustrate the wide spectrum of these efforts: a culture performance by local music bands, and other musical groups, a live concert by the leading Nepalese singer; and a festival featuring folk dancing, painting, art work, and poetry reading.

The Nepali community is growing every year. With the advent of successful Nepali businesses, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a greater need than ever for unity among our community. With a culture center, Motherland Nepal will be able to significantly expand the events, and other cultural activities, which it now offers to the community. In addition, a culture center’s building would provide a physical base of operation for Motherland Nepal.

Motherland Nepal connects with the Nepalese in America through broadcasting the latest Nepali news on You Tube videos, and the news section of our Web site.


Our current web-based content has been successful in affecting viewers throughout our community, but we believe we can improve. There are also still many members of our community who aren't confident English speakers. Roughly 40-50% of our community experiences difficulty using English in everyday situations, based on a recent survey we conducted within our organization. This affects all of American society negatively in addition to the stress it places on our people.

Public schools have helped many of our young individuals learn the nuances of the English language, but even they sometimes have difficulty expressing themselves in a language that is in many cases secondary in their linguistic quiver. This issue has existed as long as we have existed in the U.S. We thoroughly recognize that the future of our people in America depends on their ability to function with preexisting society, and communication is essential to their success.

Resources on translations between the Nepali language and English are relatively scarce compared to other languages. This increases the difficulty in adjusting to American society.


This linguistic divide in our community has moved us to create a trusted resource for the advancement of our people. This project will go beyond the scope of just connecting our community. We have three specific goals we need to accomplish:

* Improve the design and accessibility of our website and YouTube profile to reach a greater audience.
* Increase the capabilities of our video production team through training and improved equipment.
* Create a web-series of educational videos aimed at teaching our viewers English skills.


Although this project is ambitious, we have the raw resources required to achieve our goals. Many of our key members are active in the arts and design, which will help streamline our representation on the internet.
Many of our young adults are attending college or are attempting to enter college. This project will provide hours of invaluable community service which is greatly valued by colleges. Including these young individuals also gets them engaged in the community in a hands-on environment, preparing them for success in the future.
While it is true we depend mostly on volunteers to fulfill our goals, we recognize that there may be problems that we cannot solve internally. This is where our costs arise. However, these costs will be kept at a minimum because the talent we already possess will be sufficient in most cases.
While this project will require initial investment, we project that the popularity of the videos will provide ad revenue from the views the videos receive. In addition to this compensation, we hope that the members of our community appreciate the value of our work and increase their charitable donations. Businesses involved in our community may also choose to sponsor our videos when they see the quality of our content.

Description of Work
organization website and YouTube
channel profile.
video production equipment,
a monthly web series on learning the
English language.