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Up coming fund raising events to support flood victims family in Nepal.

- Support Flood Victims


Two years ago, when the devastating earthquake hit our country, Mother Land Nepal took a rescue team and helped the victims of the disaster for more than a month. http://abc7news.com/…/nepal-receives-earthquake-aid…/718028/
* Yet again, this year we have been hit by a flood that has effected 26 districts. There are more houses damaged this time than it did during the earthquake. Again, Mother Land team tried its best to help during the first stage rescue. When we were in Saptari district, we had a first hand experience with chaos the flood has left behind. We have promised to build houses for the people who not only got their houses whipped away by the flood, but also had lost lives of their dear ones. http://motherlandnepal.org/flood_victim_in_nepal.php
* With a holistic help from all of you guys, we can not only build houses for those who we promised toO, but also, perhaps, house for everyone in that neighborhood. As you already know that motherland Nepal is 501c (3) 510 C (3)non profit base in bay area so any amount you donate will be tax write up.so please come and joined our events and support us.
* Motherland alone cannot financially make this mission happen; but with your help I am confident that we can do it. So please, i humbly request each and all of you to come together and help us on this mission.
* Our budget for these 22 houses is approximately $20,000 Anyone who can make a donation of more than 1,000 USD will get their name displayed on the board in that neighborhood.