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The Nepalese Culture Center Project

In establishing a culture center, we hope to facilitate various activities like exchanging cultural values and norms between Nepalese-Americans and non- Nepalese Americans. One way we intend to do this is an awareness campaign and soup-kitchen service for the benefit of the people residing in the Bay Area- Nepalese-Americans and non-Nepalese Americans.

Since its inception, Motherland Nepal has sponsored numerous heritage meetings, and cultural events. A few examples illustrate the wide spectrum of these efforts: a culture performance by local music bands, and other musical groups, a live concert by the leading Nepalese singer; and a festival featuring folk dancing, painting, art work, and poetry reading.

A culture center would provide a means of expanding all of these events and activities, and also provide a place for grieving in the center, which is an important aspect of identifying Nepali cultural practice.

The Nepali community is growing every year. With the advent of successful Nepali businesses, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a greater need than ever for unity among our community. With a culture center, Motherland Nepal will be able to significantly expand the events, and other cultural activities, which it now offers to the community. In addition, the culture center’s building would provide a physical base of operation for Motherland Nepal.

Finally, the Culture Center will provide related services to Nepalese and the non- Nepalese members of the community as a whole, such as augmenting education for high school students, helping students and adults find homes, providing job skills and employment, and offering English classes to immigrants.