Date: 9th July 2011

Article I- Name and office location.

  1. Name of this organization is Motherland of Nepal.
  2. The main office of this Public benefit corporation will be located in Alameda City, California. It can be relocated in other parts of the Bay Area, California. If needed branch offices can be opened in other locations.
  3. The logo and the flag of this organization will be circular in shape with American and Nepali flags in the background.

Article II- Mission

  1. To promote and preserve Nepali socio-cultural value in the USA.
  2. Provide help for Nepalese in the field of Education and human rights.

Article III- Main Activities

  1. Organize Nepali cultural and educational programs in USA.
  2. Provide supports for individuals or organization to promote Nepali Cultural/Educational activities.
  3. Raise fund for the charitable purposes in the USA and Nepal.
  4. Arrange different competitions and interactions among Nepalese students for their educational development.

Article IV-Membership and Dues

There will be three types of membership. (A) Ordinary. (B) Life (C) Honorary. The fee will be $10 for the ordinary membership and $100 for Life member.

  1. Any individual of eighteen years or above shall be eligible for the membership. An Application form should be filled up to obtain membership. Membership will be valid for 1 year.
  2. Life Member. Those individual who provide special contribution for the Motherlandnepal will get life membership.
  3. Honorary Membership can be granted to the person making substantial contribution for the Motherlandnepal.


  1. The governing committee of the corporation shall be designated as the Executive Committee. The Executive committee will consist of as following:
    • President 1
    • Directors 3
    • General Secretary 1
    • Treasurer 1
    • Members 5

    Three members will be elected and two will be nominated. Executive committee will consist of 11 person altogether.
    ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVE BODY: Every two years Executive Committee will be elected in the General Meeting.

  2. Responsibilities of Executive Committee: Executive will be responsible for the fulfillment of aims and objectives of the corporation. It will hold annual general meeting as well as Executive body’s meeting half yearly, at least. Executive committee will be responsible for executing every activities of the corporation. It can call meeting any time if demanded by its majority of members. Executive Committee will be responsible for conducting any other activities as Authorized by the bylaws else where and formulate all the rules and regulations of The Corporation.
  3. Authorities of the Executive Committee: The Executive committee will have authority to act on behalf of the corporation as required to promote the aims and objectives of the corporation. The Executive Committee will have authority to dissolve its members, if the member is acting against the aims and objectives of the Corporation.
  4. Operation of the Executive Committee: Any decisions will be made by the Executive Committee with the majority of votes by 2/3 of its members.
  5. Responsibilities of members and office holders: President shall preside all the meetings of the corporation, supervise and direct the various affair of the corporation. He will present the annual budget and progress report at the general meeting. Directors will assist president in the every activities of the corporation, and In the absence of President, one of the directors will take over his/her responsibility. Secretary will perform all the administrative works of the corporation. Minute keeping, calling for meetings, and those records should be available to all the members. Treasure shall be responsible for keeping records of all the financial transactions of the corporation. He should keep all the records of income/expenses of the Corporation. Members in general will help and advise to organize various activities of the corporation as and when needed.

ARTICLE VI – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the corporation will start from the 1st January and end on 31st December of the same year.


The General Meeting will be held once a year at the venue decided by the Executive Committee. The purpose of meeting will be to evaluate last year activities and discuss coming year’s activities with all members. Any amendments of by laws proposed by members will be discussed and will be ratified in the meeting. All the decisions will be by the majority 2/3 of the member’s voting. Members who cannot attend the meeting can send their consent by email or written letter for the committee. Every member will have voting rights for the election of the new executive committee.