Activities And Events Report


Motherland Nepal is always organizing and participating in events to promote the growth of the Nepalese community in the United States, Nepal and the World Community with a vision of Peace and Freedom for all mankind.

(Year 2004)

1) Meetings and interactions held on various date, about the current situation in Nepal and its impact on everyday life of an ordinary people, how we can help achieve peace and restore democracy in Nepal, so that people there can enjoy life with basic human rights.
2) On February 4 ,2004.A donation of Rs. 72,572 was raised and provided to the family of Journalist Gyanendra Khadka, who was killed by Maoist insurgents, at Sindhu Palchowk, Kavre, Nepal.
3) On August 27, 2004.A donation of 25,000 Rs was provided to the family of journalist Dikendra Thapa, who was killed by Maoist, at Dailekh district of Nepal.

(Year 2005)

1) On February 14, 2005.A donation of 10,000 Rs, was provided to Ram Pradhan, a porter, who was hospitalized having both legs broken in an traffic accident, in Kathmandu, Nepal.
2) On September 25, 2005. Publication of the book Patrakarita Ko Khoj, a hand book of journalism, written by Mr. Kapil Kafle and audited by Mr. Tapa Nath Shukla in Kathmandu, Nepal.

(Year 2006)

1) On June 17, 2006. The cultural show of MaHa group was organized in Alameda, California. The fund raised from this program is used to build a hospital for the victims of conflicts in Nepal.
2) On October 26, 2006. Publication of a novel “Susam Chandika”, by Kapil Kafle. It is a social novel about the life in general during the agitation period.This book was released to public, in a ceremony by Mr. Govinda Gothale and Mr. Madan Mani Dixit in Kathmandu.
3) On November 11, 2006. A live concert of the most popular singer of Nepal. Nabin K. Bhattarai was organized by Motherland Nepal, at the auditorium of Laney College in Oakland. The fund raised from this program will go to charity deeds in Nepal.
Certificates of appreciation were awarded by President Anil Pandey to various social workers and artists living in the Bay Area.A tribute to late singer Uttam Rai was also paid, who passed away on 8th of November. A charity fund of $743 was instantly raised on the spot, for his family.

(Year 2007)

1) On 10th September 07, decided to raise some fund and send it to the victims of flood in Nepal. A fund of $1000 was raised and sent to Nepal. That amount was distributed in Hattikhor village in southern Nepal.
2) A pooja ceremony was held on Sept.29,2007 in the presence of the chief guest Reputed Nepal Baba, he was here for a visit in the bay area. About 50 Nepalese were present in the ceremony.
3) On 21st October, the greatest festival of Nepalese people Dashain Teeka was celebrated, in the hall of 2106, Otis Drive, Alameda. Where about 25 families participated and enjoyed the festival .Free food and drinks was provided by Motherland Nepal. The ceremony lasted till 10.00 p.m. from 2.00 p.m. that day.
4) 1st Nov.2007.A fund of $500 was raised and sent to the family of journalist Birendra Shah, who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by the Maoist in the Southern Nepal.
5) 18th Nov.2007, an interaction program was held about the safety of journalists in Nepal jointly organized by Motherland Nepal and Nepal Press Institute in Kathmandu.

(Year 2008)

1) January 21 st, 2008. On the auspicious day of Marin Luther King birthday, amiss ceremony, an appreciation letter was awarded to the Nepali Musical group, The Vibez band, who performed in different cultural shows in the Bay Area.
2) 25th March. 2008. A donation of $660 was raised and sent to Public center, Bhaktapur, Nepal for the help of women ovarian cancer patient.
3 ) 22nd July. 2008. A symposium was organized jointly with INLS for the repudiated poet, Mr. Sailandar Shakar, in Berkeley City.
4) 24th August. 2008. An interaction program was held with repudiated journalist and human right activist, Mr. Kapil Kafle. At the same program journalist Shekhar Dhungel, Dhurva Thapa and Kapil Kafle were honored.
A donation of $371 was raised for flood victims in Nepal. Which was handed over directly in kinds, to the victims in flooded area by Umesh Shrestha of My Sansar.
5) 15,16,17 th October in Kathmandu,Nepal,a interaction program about the role of NRN in the peace process. Interviews in Various FM Radios.

(Year 2009)

1) January 1 st, celebration of Happy New year. There was a gathering of about 100 people from different parts of Bay area.
2) 1st May 2009 an interaction program was held on the auspicious day of Journalism. this program was chaired
by Ravi Adhikary and co-ordinated by shekher Dhungel.
3) June ,2009 onward, Motherland Nepal was given responsibility as media chair for the up coming 27th ANA convention,during the convention and live web cast was done with conjunction with DC Nepal, Motherland Nepal was one of the hosting organization for the 27th ANA convention.
4) 7th August 2009 A blood donation drive was organized jointly with Creative Media in Shankerdev campus, Kathmandu ,Nepal & 61 pint blood was collect.

(Year 2010)

1.) February 13 2010, our grand 5th anniversary was celebrated with various cultural programs. King of comedy Mr. Manoj Gajurel wa invited from Nepal
specially for the ceremony .In this ceremony social workers from the Bay Area who contributed to Nepali community were felicitated. Mayor of Alameda City was invited in the program. It was participate by more than 2000 people.
2) On March 10 2010,A cultural program was jointly organized with BCC.This event took place in San-Francisco City.
3). On June 15 2010, an interaction program was organized by Motherland Nepal with the visiting retired Commander in Chief of Nepal, Mr.Rukmangat Katwal.
4). On July 7 2010, blood drive campaign was organized by Motherland Nepal and Creative Media in Kathmandu as there was acute shortage of blood in Nepal.
5). On December 15, a meeting was held with Gina Bank in the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein. This meeting was about the establishment of a Nepali Community Center in the Bay Area.

(Year 2011)

1) On February 2011.MotherlandNepal send a donation amount of $2200 to build a school for the minority tribe ‘Santhal’ in the South Eastern Nepal.
2). On July 5, 2011 a blood donation program was jointly organized with Creative Media. In this program, 52 persons donated their blood. This campaign was held at Ratna Rajya College in Kathmandu, Nepal.
3) 29. On 5th July 2011, a blood donation program was organized by Motherland Nepal jointly with Creativemedia in Kathmandu, Nepal. This year it was organized in R.R.College. Pradarshani Marg. A total of 52 points of blood was collected in this donation drive.
4). On July 16, 2011, 6th Anniversary and General Assembly of Motherland Nepal was held in Berkeley, California. In this program a poetry competition also was held, in the occasion of the great Nepali poet Bhanubhakta Acharya’s birthday. Mr. Darshan Rauniyar was invited as the Chief Guest. He is running candidate for congressman from Seattle, Washington State.
5). On September 16, a rally was held at Union Square in San-Francisco, for the promotion of Visit Nepal Year 2011. A large number of Nepalese participated with their ethnic dresses. A traditional Lakhe Dance was the main attraction of the rally.

(Year 2012)

1) A On February, A Donation of $500 was raised for Nav Raj Shrestha, a victim of crime. A resident of Sanhose, he was hospitalized with damaged kidney and ribs. After being attacked and robbed, while on the way to home from his work.
B) Similarly a donation of $ 1357 was raised, to send the dead body of the late Mr. Rajendra Basnet and support for his family in Nepal. He was killed in a car accident in New Jersey.

2) On September 19, 2012. A Nepali food and cultural show organized jointly with State university of San Jose at San Jose City in California

(Year 2013)

1).On August 1, 2013 Nepali Language Teaching has been started.2).On August 6,2013,a Nepali cultural dance and tourism promotion program was held at “Nihonmachi Festival” event in Japan Town , San Francisco .