About us

Nepalese started to migrate to the United States approximately 25 years ago: hence the knowledge Nepali history is relatively new to the US population. Presently there are approximately 20,000 people of Nepali origin (Having the same language, culture and traditions). Those include people from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Motherland of Nepal is a California licensed non-profit (501c) organization based in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, established in 2002 with the goal to promote and preserve the social aspects of the Nepalese in America as well as to enhance the relationship between the American and Nepalese communities, education to poor students, conflict sufferers, protection of the human rights and establishment of peace and democracy in Nepal and establishing various social, educational and cultural activities in the Bay Area.

Dedicated to facilitate the integration of Nepali refugees and immigrants, as well as enhancing social and cultural ties between Nepalese Americans and other microcosms of American culture.


With the aim of cultural promotion, we will conduct cultural exchange program for the high school students with the cooperation and coordination with Education Board of Nepal and US

Our goal

Our goal is to improve our online content and create a web-series of educational videos aimed at teaching valuable English skills to our Nepali, Bhutanese, and Tibetan viewers through this website, our utube channel and facebook .Although this project is ambitious, we have the raw resources required to achieve our goals. Many of our key members are active in the arts and design, which will help streamline our representation on the internet.

What we do

We love our culture and we are very proud that our community is growing every year. Celebrating festivals & religious ceremonies has become a part of our San Francisco Bay Area community.